In the Old Polish period (from the end of the 18th century) there existed two libraries in Rawa, one at the Jesuit's College and the other at the Augustinian cloister. During the partition of Poland the libraries were functioning unofficially, for example since 1892, Mrs. Żylewicz private library was working in secrecy. In 1902 Rawa Culture Association collected about 2000 books and offered them to readers of Agriculture Syndicate. It was the beginning of Local Library in Rawa Mazowiecka. In the period between the First and the Second World Wars there were two libraries in the town: Office Workers Library, which contained about 4000 and the second- at Polish Mother Country School. On the 10th November 1945 Local Library and Administrative District Library were opened. In 1955 the two libraries were combined in one. In 1965 a branch for children of Local and District Library was separated. After administrative reform the library continued its functioning as Local Public Library in Rawa Mazowiecka. The Library contains: 1. Section of books collection and description 2. Section of offering books and information 3. Section for children Local Public Library in Rawa organizes frequently books exhibitions, art exhibitions, lectures, and meetings with authors, library classes, reader's competitions, and scientific sessions. According to its regulations the library offers. 1. Lending books and a reading-room for adults 7 Kardynała Wyszyńskiego St. tel. (046) 814-36-47 open Monday-Friday from 9 am-5pm and on the first and second Saturday of the month. 2. Lending books and a reading-room from 9am-5pm and the third and fourth Saturday of the month.


Rawa Regional Museum created in 1966 is placed in a villa from 1930 built for the director of the Agricultural Syndicate. It houses archeological, ethnographic, historical works of art exhibits, numismatics, and relics of the past associated with Rawa Mazowiecka and Rawa region. The art section comprises modern painting, collection of drawing-room furniture and little trinkets. There are also in collection's possession Jack Frączak works, who is a graduate of Graphic Faculty in Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Apart from artistic graphic Jack Frączak takes interest in drawing, photography, graphic designing, book illustration and art exhibiting. Jacek Frączak presented his works in Rawa Regional Museum on two separate exhibitions in 1988 and 1997. Many of his works are thematically connected with Rawa and the surrounding Mazovian landscape. Ethnographic collected works, which are the broadest part of collection, contain examples of a wide range folk culture of the Rawa region. Emphasizing its importance chosen elements are presented in permanent displays:"Traditional cottage room in the Rawa region" showing the inside of a festive room with its characteristic furnishing in time sequence 1880-1950. Exhibits from the turn of the 20th century create the second exhibition of a permanent character. It presents the inside of a noble house drawing-room or middle-class house of a family senior, thus the name:" Grandma's drawing room from the turn of the 20th century". We can find here photographs of Rawa Mazowiecka from the beginning of the 20th c. and of the families of neighboring manors as well as drawing furniture, portraits and period trinkets.

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