Rawa Mazowiecka is a fine example of a town, which in a rational way deals with one of the most vital problems of a skillfully managed place- effective disposal and coping with waste materials. According to the Town Board project from 1997, which complies with the newest ecological trends, the town follows waste selective collection. Owing to it Rawa finds itself in the top 12% group of towns and institutions, which have a similar policy of waste disposal. The project of initiation of waste selective collection on Rawa territory is supported from the county budget. Funds for this investment financing come from Municipal Fund of Environment Protection supported by the means of Province Office and the Province Inspectorate of Environment Protection. The finance comprises mainly payments for usage of environment on the town area. Therefore it is extremely important that the programme does not put financial responsibility on local community, which is helpful in its development and promotion. Moreover the county gets the incomes from renewable materials sale, gained from waste selective collection. The money might be used for dumping ground modernization in Pukinin. As a result of this kind of solution a constant growth of proportional percentage of selected waste in general amount of waste materials is observed. Inhabitants understand the benefits resulting from effective using of renewable materials and rational disposing of natural environment supplies. Undoubtedly this fact is fundamental in town's positive image formation, especially in the light of integration with EEC and possibility of undertaken activities aiming at increasing Rawa Mazowiecka attractiveness in the eyes of visitors.

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