Rawa Mazowiecka is about 20-thousand people county town (£ód¼ district) situated in the fork of the Rawka and Rylka rivers, in the very heart of Poland. For ages Rawa upland has belonged to Mazovia, which by no means influenced the development of the town. On the map Rawa is found at the meeting point of transport routs from Warsaw to Prague and from £ód¼ to Warsaw. Thanks to such a convenient position, it is easily accessible for people using their own means of transport or those taking advantage of coach services (Polish Express, PKS (Polish Motor Transport) or with the help of Rogów narrow- gauged suburban railway. Touristy advantages of Rawa Mazowiecka and its surroundings (water, forests and architectonic monuments) in connection with affordable prices of accommodation and catering cause that it is enough to come for one weekend only to wish to return here again and again.

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