TOWN MAYOR Eugeniusz Góraj
Tel. +48 46 814 47 11, 814 37 31 extension 11

Meeting hours 8.00-16.00
1. The Mayor with the help of Vice- Mayor, Secretary and the Town Treasurer directs the Office activities.
2. Vice-Mayor executing the Mayor's assignments accomplishes:
- Complex solutions of problems, which result from town assignments
- Supervising activities of the Office departments as well as different communal units fulfilling the town assignments
3. Town Secretary organizes the Office work within the boundaries established by the Mayor. The Secretary assures of the efficient functioning and conditions of the work. 4. Town Treasurer assures of correct realization of the town budget within the boundaries established by the Mayor. 5. Detailed assignments for the Vice-Mayor, the Secretary and the Treasurer are established by special instructions given by the Mayor.

Town Treasurer - Maria Jolanta Witczak - room nr 1, extension 15

Chief of Department - Marianna Jakubowska - room nr 6, exten. 32
Local payments and taxes- room nr 2, exten. 27
Counting house - room nr 3, extn.25

Opening hours 8.00 - 16.00
To the basic range of the Finances and Analyses Department activities belong:
1. Supplying town financial needs balance with own and supportive income.
2. Providing counting -houses and bookkeeping.
3. Proposing tax and local payments levels as well as their inspection.
4. Management of target funds matters.
5. Reporting the accomplishment of town financial plans, budget and target funds.
6. Co-operation with Account Chambers as well as with Chambers and Tax Offices.
7. Current running of the town budget.
8. Reporting the town budget and financial activities.
9. Preparing data for a town project of annual budget and town organizational institutions and presenting the budget to the Treasurer.
10. Issuing certificates concerning private property.
11. Analysing financial market and gaining new sources of increasing town income, in this: long/short term investments, credits.
12. Analyses preparing.

Tel +48 46 814 23 39, exten. 24, 31
Chief of Department - Janusz Pałka - rooms nr 9 and 11

Opening hours 8.00-16.00
To the basic range of activities of Civil Matters Department belong:
1.Accomplishment of the tasks resulting from the Act about population registration and identity cards.
2.Giving and withdrawing permissions connected with public collections on Rawa territory.
3. Inspection of public collections records.
4. Realization of assignments of fire protection.
5. Realization of assignments connected with the Act of general defence duty.
6. Accomplishment of all matters of civil defence and different defensive matters defined by special rules.
7. Flood terrains protection and population evacuation.
8. Accomplishment of matters connected with protection of secret information.
9. Carrying out matters concerning protection against natural calamities.
10. Dealing with repatriation of people.

Tel. +48 46 814 34 57, exten. 40, 39, 41, 14
Chief of Department - Teresa Pietrzak - room 16

Opening hours 8.00-16.00
To the basic range of activities of Communal Economy Department belong:
1. Assurance of correct functioning of engineering systems, town cleaning, town green areas, communal services.
2. Co-operation with communal units and companies within the range of Department activities.
3. Management of habitable and service premises in communal supplies.
4. Supervision of traffic safety.
5. Inference in proper road category.
6. Giving permissions to overtaking road belts of municipal, county and district streets.
7. Management of communal and military cemetery.
8. Co-operation with proper Road Management Office connected with street marking.
9. Supervising functioning of Communal Economy Institution and Communal Buildings Management.
10. Caring for the town cleanness and order, proper organization of storing and dealing with solid and liquid waste.
11. Current supervision of street lightning.
12. Co-ordination of work with business enterprises in order to accomplish tasks connected with energy carriers.
13. Caring for maintaining town green areas and afforestation.
14. Preparing decisions considering limitation of water consumption and its use for different purposes than population life existence needs.
15. Preparing permissions of object placing within road belts - those that are not connected with road management.
16. Guidance in matters of maintaining and protection of streets.
17. Preparing projects for parking lots in which parking payments are accepted (the amount of parking payments, ways of receiving the payments).
18. Registration of economic activities and matters connected with trade and services.
19. Giving permission for removing trees and shrubs.
20. Establishing limitations of working time in connection with machines and means of transport causing noise and vibration.
21. Providing indispensable conditions for environment protection against waste and caring for cleanness and order.
22. Punishing for wilful removing of trees and shrubs.
23. Managing of Municipal Fund of Environment Protection.
24. Planning and organizing heat supply on the town terrain.
25. Catching and caring for stray animals.
26. Interventions in case of neglecting or cruel animal treatment.
27. Realization of the Act about local renting and housing bonuses on the part concerning housing bonuses and regulated rents.
28. Helping people after prison sentences with finding jobs and in need - a temporary quarters.
29. Planning financial and material range of road maintaining and road protection within the limits indicated by county authorities, as well as county roads within the limits specified by the Starost.
30. Accomplishment of assignments connected with the Act of communal economy.
31. Realization of assignments from the Act of transport law.
32. Guidance in matters in connection with the Act of sober education and alcoholism counteraction.

Tel. +48 46 814 40 80; 814 43 05, exten. 29, 33, 44, 45
Chief of Department - Mieczysław Tkaczyk - room 19
Room nr 8, 18, 19, 21

Opening hours 8.00-16.00
To the basic range of activities of Terrains Management Department belong:
1. Matters dealing with immovables particularly:
a. Communal immovables management.
b. Selling and giving into perpetual usufruct
c. Leasehold for building and farm purposes
d. Giving in durable management
e. Settlement of prices, payments and accounts for immovable
f. Immovables partitions.
g. Integrating and partitions onto building plots.
h. Immovables pre-emption.
2. Running of regulation of legal communal properties.
3. Matters management concerning spatial organization together with its changes, in this:
a. Preparing the study of conditions and directions for town spatial management
b. Preparing projects for local plans of town spatial management with its changes
c. Establishing conditions for building and management of terrains
4. Deciding about street names and numbers of immovables.
5. Control of matters dealing with water law on part of:
a. Changing water proportions in soils.
b. Waters protection against unclean sewages.
6. Control of matters dealing with protection of forests and farming areas particularly:
a. Soil degradation, crops protection against diseases, pests and weeds.
b. Projects management of lands in protection zone areas.
7. Dealing with matters concerning the Act about fighting with infectious diseases, examination of slaughter animals and State Veterinary Inspection, in this:
a. Informing a veterinary doctor about a direct sanitary and veterinary threat.
b. Controlling matters connected with participation costs in maintaining a collective point of dead animals.
8. Management of farming lands of the State Treasure.
9. Dealing with matters concerning agriculture and forestry.
10. Controlling matters of seed production.
11. Organizing drug addiction prevention (controlling poppy crops)

Tel. +48 46 814 37 69
Chief of Department - Jolanta Kosińska, room 8, exten.43, 23

Opening hours 8.00- 16.00
To the basic range of Department activities belong:
1. Supervision of activities of nursery schools, schools and secondary schools (gimnazja).
2. Register keeping of culture popularisation institutions.
3. Supervision of culture popularisation institutions.
4. Protection of cultural values and national memory places.
5. Register of non-public schools and nursery schools.
6. Supervision of libraries.
7. Popularisation of physical culture, tourism and rest.
8. Development of intensification of sport and touristy services and recreational facilities.
9. Co-ordination of development of objects, sport and recreational, touristy facilities.
10. Co-ordination of activities in connection with youth problems.
11. Leading juvenile cases and endangered by their background young people amendable to the law.
12. Co-operation with non-county institutions and organizations in connection with social pathology.
13. Helping with the flow of information among the town, school, Superintendence Office, Ministry of Education and educational institutions.
14. Realization of assignments in the field of health care.

Tel. +48 46 814 42 01 exten. 35, 37
Chief of Department - Paweł Piątkiewicz -
room nr 12

Opening hours 8.00-16.00
To the basic range of the Department activities belong:
1. Co-ordination of communal investments, supervision of proper course and realization of assignments as well as agreement with the Act about public orders.
2. Preparing together with Financial Department projects of contracts describing mutual obligations and services of investor connected with realization of investment as well as its future functioning.
3. Co-operation with the Terrain Management Department concerning programming and realization of technical infrastructure preparing building terrains.
4. Building and modernization of municipal streets, buildings, county services and running suitable record in this respect.
5. Yearly technical examination of buildings and county facilities.
6. Assignments defined in the Act of energy law.

Tel. +48 46 814 37 07
Chief of Department - Magdalena Pietrzak - romm 6a, exten. 30, 16
Town Council Office - Alicja Lasota - Tel. +48 46 814 34 31, room 5, exten. 22

Opening hours 8.00- 16.00
To the basic range of Organizational Department activities belong:
1. Running personnel affairs of Office workers as well as subordinated institutions.
2. Supervision, co-operation and inspection of complain and motions.
3. Providing material and technical conditions for Office work.
4. Management of Office buildings and administrative apartments, their proper maintaining, modernization and repair control.
5. Dealing with matters connected with period workers estimations.
6. Preparing and organizing manager's contests.
7. Organizing, within the range established by the Board, referendums, social consultation, elections-regulated by Acts and choice of the assessors.
8. Introduction of computer programming to Office work.
9. Running Office and Institutional archives.
10. Conducting matters connected with Mayor activities as a founder's organ.
11. Service supervision of Board and council consultation organized by the Mayor.
12. Record of remaining permanent assets.
13. Accepting all kinds of judgement rolls and prosecutor's writs issued in connection with penal proceedings in case of impossibility of delivering them to the receiver in his dwelling place.
14. Registering of municipal organizational institutions. To activities range of town council Office also belongs conducting matters with Town Council and its committees services.

Tel/fax +48 46 814 26 28
Office Manager - Bożena Sukiennik - room 13, exten. 34

Opening hours 8.00-16.00
To the basic range of Office of Town promotion and Development belong:
1. Promotion of economic co-operation of town firms with country and foreign investors.
2. Promotion of town privatised firms.
3. Transformation of existing economic activities, improvement of economic infrastructure and supporting initiatives beyond the town budget.
4. Continuing of assignments resulting from agreements and connections undertaken by the town, which help economic development of the town.
5. Gaining new loans possibilities- active participation in economic development of the town.
6. Organizing international co-operation.
7. Estimating possibilities of management of unused buildings and structures.
8. Leadership of matters connected with Youth Municipal Council.
9. Taking advantage of economic offers and updating them.
10. Co-operation with economic institutions and agencies.
11. Conducting and transferring information in forms of advertisements and brochures.
12. Co-ordination of activities connected with town participation in inter-county relationships and agreements.
13. Running matters connected with town promotion and advertisement in all fields.
14. Undertaking initiatives whose aims are concentrated on diminishing unemployment on the town terrain.
15. Exerting about town participation in contests, trade fairs, exhibitions and promotional entertainment.
16. Creating positive town image.
17. Co-operation with the local municipal newspaper.

Intervention phone number: +48 46 814 44 40 or mobile phone 601 35 32 21

Personnel: Commander + 7 municipal policemen
Municipal Guard Seat: Town Office in Rawa Mazowiecka, 5. Piłsudskiego Sq.
Municipal Guard duties:
1. Assurance of peace and quiet in public places.
2. Traffic control.
3. Co-operation with institutions concerning saving of citizens lives and health, help in removing technical damages and results of natural calamities.
4. Protection of communal objects and public facilities.
5. Co-operation with organizers and other municipal services during public meetings and entertainment.
6. Informing local society about state and kind of danger, crime prevention, and co-operation with state, municipal and social organs.
7. Escorting documents, valuable objects and monetary value if necessary.
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